DiSC® PPSS - Approach to Managing Others

WS-800AMO DiSC® PPSS - Approach to Managing Others (Online)

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The Approach to Managing Others report is one of several DiSC® PPSS Supplemental Reports.  This 5-credit report analyzes the respondent's management style and behavior toward subordinates. Leadership styles can vary greatly, so this report helps identify the tendencies and habits of someone with this style who is in a position of authority.

Among the topics that this six-page report examines are the respondent's communication techniques and delegating skills.  The potential benefits and limitations of the respondent's style in these key areas are analyzed.  How the respondent directs and develops people is also a focus of this report.  The respondent's approach to making decisions is discussed next.  Then the report looks at how the respondent manages time. These tips help the respondent understand the importance of prioritization and the consequences of procrastination.  The strengths and weaknesses of the respondent's problem-solving techniques and how he or she motivates others are other aspects of this report.  It ends with an action-planning worksheet that can be used to help develop further strengths in this area.

5 Credits.  Requires purchase of General Characteristics Report (WS-800GCR).

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