Approach to Selling (Online)

WS-800AS Approach to Selling (Online)

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The Approach to Selling report is one of several DiSC® PPSS Supplemental Reports. This 4-credit report describes how the respondent performs essential steps in the sales process. In addition to analyzing this person's behavior in these areas, this report lists what types of customers will usually react positively to his or her approach. 

First, the seven-page Approach to Selling report examines the respondent's planning technique. Preparation is often crucial for a successful sales call, and this report lays out the behaviors that are most or least likely to help in the process. Next, because a client's initial impression can have a huge effect on whether a sale is completed, the respondent's style of opening the call is addressed. The person's interviewing and presenting methods are also discussed in this report. Strengths or weaknesses can be magnified in a sales environment, so this report explains how his or her behavior affects these related steps in the process. Responding to concerns is also a key component of this report, as is the respondent's manner of gaining commitment. These topics are placed in the context of the person's behavior, so a clear picture of potential benefits or limitations emerges.

Requires purchase of General Characteristics Report (WS-800GCR).

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