DiSC® PPSS - Relating to People and the Environment (Online)

WS-800RPE DiSC® PPSS - Relating to People and the Environment (Online)

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The Relating to People and the Environment report is one of several DiSC® PPSS Supplemental Reports. This 5-credit report explains how the respondent interacts with peers and interprets his or her environment.  This seven-page report analyzes the respondent's communication methods using clear examples of the emotional content and tactical nuances that he or she may employ.  Then the report highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the person's decision-making style. In addition, this report describes his or her time-management skills.  These guidelines help to identify the limitations and challenges that hinder effective prioritization.  The Relating to People and Environment report also identifies problem-solving strategies that may help the respondent improve his or her effectiveness.  Finally, it analyzes the person's reaction to stress. The tips listed should help develop coping and stress-reduction strategies to increase efficiency. The report concludes with a worksheet that can be used to develop an action plan.

5 Credits.  Requires purchase of General Characteristics Report (WS-800GCR).


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