WS-800SC Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship (Online)

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The Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship report is one of several DiSC® PPSS supplemental reports. This 4-credit report describes how to establish a relationship with the respondent that is based upon trust and mutual respect. The eight-page Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship report addresses how to create a positive environment in which the respondent can thrive. In addition, it identifies specific communication approaches that are most likely to be effective with this person. These tips address the subtleties of interactions, the diversity of communication styles, and common misunderstandings that arise.

The report also discusses how to compliment, give feedback to, and minimize conflict with the respondent. The complexities of personal style are also examined. Specific strategies are listed for keeping the respondent's problem-solving and decision-making styles from leading to difficulties with peers. This report concludes with a worksheet to help form an action plan.

Requires purchase of General Characteristics Report (WS-800GCR).

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