DiSC® PPSS - Strategies for Managing

WS-800SM DiSC® PPSS - Strategies for Managing (Online)

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The Strategies for Managing report is one of several DiSC® PPSS Supplemental Reports. This 5-credit report looks at ways in which people can most effectively manage the respondent. The definition of "manager" is broad in this report, referring to anyone who needs to work with the person to get results.The first section of the six-page Strategies for Managing report gives specific suggestions for developing this person.  Next, motivations are addressed.

This report provides a list of actions that are most likely to have a positive effect on the respondent's drive and level of enthusiasm. The best techniques for complimenting and counseling this person are also included. This report then examines the respondent's problem-solving techniques. These guidelines specify what methods tend to work when dealing with the respondent's approach to resolving issues. Additional tips tackle the complexities of correcting or delegating to this person. The respondent's decision-making style is also a key component of this report. Examples are given of possible ways to recognize and value differences in making judgments. Finally, the report addresses the more general question of how to communicate with this person. It concludes with a worksheet to help form an action plan.

Requires purchase of General Characteristics Report (WS-800GCR).

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