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Research shows that understanding people has proven an essential skill in the modern workplace in terms of competitiveness.  DiSC is a simple behavioral assessment that takes minutes to complete and proves powerful and useful results.  DiSC identifies individual behavior by two aspects, PACE & PRIORITY which determines a grid with four tendencies - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

DiSC is used by Trainers, HR staff, Supervisors, Managers, Team Managers, and Consultants worldwide.  DiSC is a behavioral assessment tool to help improve:

Having people in your team / organization understand strengths, weakness, motivators, and stressors of themselves and others can lead to performance excellence.

The DiSC enables you to:  1) Identify your behavioral profile, 2) Capitalize on your behavioral strengths, 3) Increase your appreciation of others' different profiles, and 4) Anticipate and minimize potential conflicts with others.

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