Conversational Capacity® Collection

Conversational Capacity

Conversational Capacity® teaches people how to engage in constructive, learning-focused dialogue when challenging topics or conflicts arise so they can make informed decisions and find the best solutions, even under high pressure.  That’s where difficult exchanges turn into learning opportunities and unfocused meetings become innovation incubators.

Conversational Capacity® is the ability of an individual or a team to engage in open, balanced, non-defensive dialogue about difficult subjects and in challenging circumstances.

Best-selling business author Craig Weber describes Conversational Capacity® as the ability of an individual or a team to remain both candid and curious under pressure, while balanced with courage and humility.  It is also the sweet spot where innovation happens.

Conversational Capacity - Sweet Spot - Candor & Curiosity 

Getting to the Sweet Spot between Candor and Curiosity for effective communication.  This results in:

  • Successful teams that perform under pressure
  • Individuals who can address tough issues in constructive ways
  • Teams that work together to make informed decisions
  • Increased collaboration and innovation

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    Webinar - Conversational Capacity:  A Foundational Competence (1:01:17)

    When learning is more important to us than feeling right or safe, it's easier to act in a way that is both intellectually humble and conversationally courageous."
    - Craig Weber