Leading People Through Change® Collection

Change initiatives fail most of the time and they are unsuccessful for the
same reason: the vast majority of companies use a top-down, minimally
inclusive approach.
But change initiatives that invite all affected parties into the process
succeed because they uncover employee concerns, address them, and
then win the support of a critical mass of people.  It’s a dramatically different
approach than the typical top-down model—and it’s one that works.
Ensure your initiative succeeds with Leading People Through Change®
Concepts, a proven solution that teaches leaders essential concepts and
skills needed to shepherd mission-critical change initiatives to completion. 
Core content includes the predictable and sequential concerns people
have during a change initiative and how to respond appropriately at
each crossroad.
When your leaders understand the dynamics of the change process and
know how to respond to inevitable challenges, stumbling blocks become
stepping-stones.  And then your organization can take a giant step forward
into its future.
Address the following business issues:
  • Unmet expectations regarding business results
  • Wasted time, money, and organizational energy
  • Low productivity and morale
  • Involuntary turnover
  • Failed organizational change initiatives
  • Stagnation, silos, lack of alignment within the organization