DiSC - Interaction Between Styles: D (Dominant) with i (Influence)

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Being familiar with the DiSC styles will help you be able to respond and keep communication moving forward.  Understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective when working with others. However, as I’ve maintained, it is equally important to understanding the “other” style with which you are dealing. 

Dominant with Influence

As a D (Dominant), you thrive on Results, Action, and Challenge.  To you, others with the i (Influence) style may seem:

  • Social
  • High Spirited
  • Lively
  • Talkative

The i is motivated by enthusiasm, action, and collaboration.  They also share with you a faster PACE.  The i however has a people PRIORITY as compared to the task PRIORITY of the D

Suppose you work with an i.  That person seems to know everyone on a first-name basis, and usually has the “latest scoop.”  As you share their motivation of action, you might find that you admire their spontaneity and flexible approach (collaboration).  However, you are probably more concerned with tangible outcome and results and are more driven to implementation.

The i may seem overly concerned with being in the spotlight and may leave the D wondering how work gets done with all that socializing and charm.  As the D, you tend to be more independent with a desire to control how things get done and may find it difficult to appreciate the i’s desire to work collaboratively.

DiSC Interaction Humor  -  Road Trip with a D and an i:

The D gets in the car and says, “I’ll drive”.

The i gets in the car and says, “Oh yay!  It is a beautiful day for a drive!  I hear the new highway has so much to see from the passenger side of the car!  OH, when do you think we will arrive?  What do you think we are going to see when we get there?  Who will be there?  I heard about a great place to eat.  I saw it on ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’.  I love that show.  You should watch it sometime.  Maybe we can stop and grab a snack”?

The D thinks to himself…”How long is this drive”??  (Checks navigation for the shortest possible route.)

As a D, I hope this helps provide more insight into you AND/OR the “i’s” in your world and provides a broader understanding as to “what makes for successful interaction.”  As ALWAYS, the key to effectiveness through DISC is understanding your and others’ styles and then using that knowledge for improved interactions.

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