DiSC: It's about PACE & PRIORITY

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For years, I facilitated groups, teams, and workshops where individuals had trouble remembering the basic construct and context of the DiSC.  I discovered something I knew forever, however had not shared it openly (for no good reason).  It was second nature to me.  I share it here in the hopes of presenting a simpler understanding for individuals to understand themselves AND others easier and sooner. 

At its simplest level - and if you can't remember anything else - DISC is about two attributes:  PACE & PRIORITY.  These two together help identify someone's style, especially if they have not yet taken the profile.  I also use this tool to help coach those who have just taken the profile and are still learning the DISC.  Once they got this simple concept, it opened up a deeper understanding and broader acceptance of this research-based, time-tested tool.

For example, simply knowing ONLY the PACE of an individual helps determine if they are on the D/I (top) half of the model, or the C/S (bottom) half of the model.  Similarly, knowing only the PRIORITY of an individual helps determine if they are on the D/C (left) half of the model or the I/S (right) half of the model.  Knowing the PACE and PRIORITY of an individual helps to place them in their most likely quadrant of the model.  As the picture starts to gel, the students realize how this simple tool can be taken with them throughout their work and professional lives.

More to come on this simple insight.

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