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The Everything DiSC® model is a simple tool used by people to connect better.  Everything DiSC® is used by all the Wiley applications, including: Workplace®, Agile EQ™, Productive Conflict, Work of Leaders®, Management, Sales, and 363® for Leaders. The Everything DiSC® report uses your assessment results to provide a wealth of information about your workplace priorities and preferences.  However, you also learn about colleagues whose priorities and preferences differ from yours. 

ED Workplace Priorities

In today’s blog, we’ll learn about the PRIORITIES as they relate to the Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile. (The other Everything DiSC® Profiles have their own, unique priorities.)  The Everything DiSC Workplace® application is intended for a broad audience of working adults and is designed to:

  • Help people understand their personality
  • Help people better understand their colleagues
  • Provide tips and guidance for improving their relationships

The eight words around the Everything DiSC Workplace® map are what we call priorities.  In other words, they are the primary areas where people focus their energy depending on their DiSC® style.  Everyone has at least three priorities; some have four to five.  Having more is no better or worse than having three.  Your Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile is unique to you and based on your results.  Priorities simply help us understand how our style might be reflected in motivations and behaviors given real-life work scenarios.  The important thing to remember is that when things get foggy (when stress or uncertainty appear, we seek the priorities associated with our style.

A simple look at the model shows the following priorities identified with a primary style:

D:  Challenge, Results, Action

i:    Action, Enthusiasm, Collaboration                               

S:  Collaboration, Support, Stability

C:  Challenge, Accuracy, Stability

This approach can at least provide you high-level understanding of priorities associated with the four quadrants.

Looking a little closer, you can associate at least one priority shared with each of the three styles within that respective quadrant:

D:  Results  (DC, D, Di)

i:    Enthusiasm  (iD, i, iS)                                                     

S:  Support  (Si, S, SC)

C:  Accuracy  (CS, C, CD)

 The benefit of understanding priorities is discovering which priorities shape your workplace experience.  Let me use this simple example to explain further.  If your results indicate you have a “C” style, your priorities include Challenge, Accuracy, and Stability.  However, if you are a “CD” style, your priorities shift slightly to include Results, Challenge, and Accuracy.

Let me simplify what priorities go with which specific style region(s) as it can be visually confusing:

Di / iD = Results, Action, Enthusiasm

i = Action, Enthusiasm, Collaboration

iS / Si = Enthusiasm, Collaboration, Support

S = Collaboration, Support, Stability

SC / CS = Support, Stability, Accuracy

C = Stability, Accuracy, Challenge

CD / DC = Accuracy, Challenge, Results

D = Challenge, Results, Action

What’s my point?  This helps provide a simple memory trick to remember at least three descriptors of a style which show the areas where we focus our energy.  For example, if you’re in conversation and mention that you are an “S”  -  without revealing and explaining your full DiSC® report  -  you can share with the other person that you are about Collaboration, Support, and Stability.  Or, if someone mentions to you that THEY are an “i”, then you know that they are about Action, Enthusiasm, and Collaboration.  Having just this beginning layer of the Everything DiSC® Workplace map can really help guide people to connect better.

If you’d like to know the descriptions of your three priorities, just let me know your DiSC® style via email at info@traininglocation.com.

As ALWAYS, the key to effectiveness through DiSC® is understanding your and others’ styles and then using that knowledge for improved interactions.

If you would like a live, complimentary webinar (online) for your team or organization, please send an email to info@traininglocation.com.  If you’d like to purchase the DiSC®, visit  DiSC® Classic or Everything DiSC® at our website.  And, check out our products from The Ken Blanchard Companies as well.

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