Interaction Between DiSC Styles: D (Dominant) with C (Conscientious)

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Being familiar with the DiSC styles will help you be able to respond and keep communication moving forward.  Understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective when working with others. However, as I’ve maintained, it is equally important to understanding the “other” style with which you are dealing. 

Dominant with a Conscientious

As a D (Dominant) style, you thrive on Results, Action, and Challenge.  To you, others with the C (Conscientious) style may appear:

  • Analytical
  • Reserved
  • Precise
  • Private
  • Systematic

The C is motivated by opportunities to use expertise or gain knowledge while providing attention to quality and accuracy.  NOTE:  When it comes to PACE and PRIORITY, the C has a more cautious, reserved pace as compared to the faster, assertive PACE of the D.  This subtle difference in PACE may require a little “stretch” in certain interactions.  The C has an objective, task-oriented PRIORITY similar to the D

Suppose you work with a C style.  That person seems focused on accuracy, maintaining stability, and questioning/challenging assumptions.  The C style is not highly sociable, and can work tirelessly on tasks until they’re done (according to their high standards).  However, with your D focus on tangible outcome and results, you may become frustrated by the C’s careful/cautious tendency to check their work two or three times before being satisfied.

To the D, the C may seem more concerned with accuracy than quick results.

DiSC Humor  -  D with C Road Trip:

The D gets in the car and says, “I’ll drive”.

The C gets in the car and says, “I brought the map . . . hardcopy AND digital.  Do you have a full tank of gas?  What kind of mileage do you expect to get so I can calculate our range and where we should stop for gas.  When was the car serviced last?  Based on my calculations, we should arrive in 3 hours and 17 minutes”. 

The D thinks quietly …”I’ll drive faster”. 

As a D, I hope this humorous scenario helps provide more insight into you AND/OR the C’s in your world and provides a broader understanding as to “what makes for successful interaction.”  As ALWAYS, the key to effectiveness through DISC is understanding your and others’ styles and then using that knowledge for improved interactions.

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