Interaction Between DiSC Styles: D (Dominant) with C (Conscientious)

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In today’s blog, we look at someone with the primary style of D (Dominant) interacting with an individual whose primary style is C (Conscientious).

Dominant with a Conscientious  D with C Interaction

As a D (Dominant) style, you thrive on Results, Action, and Challenge.  To you, others with the C (Conscientious) style may appear:

  • Analytical
  • Reserved
  • Precise
  • Private
  • Systematic

The C is motivated by opportunities to use expertise or gain knowledge while providing attention to quality and accuracy.  NOTE:  When it comes to PACE and PRIORITY, the C has a more cautious, reserved, moderate pace as compared to the faster, assertive, dynamic PACE of the D.  This significant difference in PACE may require a little “stretch” in certain interactions between D and C.  However, the D and C share a questioning, logic-focused, objective, task-oriented PRIORITY. 

As a D style, suppose you work with a C style.  That C seems focused on accuracy, maintaining stability, and questioning/challenging assumptions.  The C style is not highly sociable, and can work tirelessly on tasks until they’re done (according to their high standards).  However, with your D focus on tangible outcome and results, you may become frustrated by the C’s careful/cautious tendency to check their work two or three times before being satisfied.  To the D, the C may seem more concerned with accuracy than quick results.

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DiSC® Humor:  D with C Road Trip:

The D gets in the car and says, “I’ll drive”.

The C gets in the car and says, “I brought the map . . . hardcopy AND digital.  Do you have a full tank of gas?  What kind of mileage do you expect to get so I can calculate our range and where we should stop for gas.  When was the car serviced last?  Based on my calculations, we should arrive in 3 hours and 17 minutes”. 

The D thinks quietly …”I’ll drive faster”. 

So what?  Why is this important?  Because to a D, people with a C style may seem analytical, private, precise, and methodical.  By having a slightly deeper understanding about their nature, the D is better able to acknowledge, respect, and reflect behavior(s) which are more effective, support problem solving, and help deal with tension if/when it arrives.

As a D style, I hope this humorous scenario provides more insight into you AND/OR the C styles in your world and encourages a broader understanding as to “what makes for a successful interaction”. 

As ALWAYS, the key to effectiveness through DiSC is understanding your and others’ styles and then using that knowledge for improved interactions.

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