DiSC: Interaction Between Styles: i (Influence) with D (Dominant)

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Being familiar with the DiSC styles will help you be able to respond and keep communication moving forward.  Understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective when working with others. However, as I’ve maintained, it is equally important to understanding the “other” styles with which you are dealing.  In today’s blog, we look someone with the primary style of i interacting with an individual whose primary style is D.

DiSC Interaction:  i with D

As an i (Influence) style, you thrive on Enthusiasm, Action, and Collaboration.  To you, others with the D (Dominant) style may appear:

  • Driven
  • Competitive
  • Forceful
  • Strong-willed

The D is motivated by opportunities to take charge and have authority.  They most likely prefer working in a high-energy environment and are often to do “whatever it takes.”  NOTE:  When it comes to PACE and PRIORITY, the D has a faster, more active pace similar to that of the i.  The i will probably admire the D’s spontaneity and flexibility, and interest in rapid change.  However, the D has an objective, skeptical, task-oriented PRIORITY which is exactly dissimilar to the i.  As we have learned, the i is focused on people and accepting.  This difference may require what I call a little "stretching" (flex, adapt) from either or both parties. 

As an i style, suppose you work with a D style.  That person seems focused on getting immediate results, taking action, and challenging self and others.  The D style is not highly sociable, and can work tirelessly on tasks to completion.  However, with your i focus more toward people and collaboration, you may become frustrated by the D’s seeming lack of concern for others, impatience, and even insensitivity. 

To the i, the D may seem more concerned with winning and success than friendly relationships.

HUMOR:  An i with a D on a Road Trip

The i gets in the car and says, “I’m looking forward to our adventure.  We’ll have a chance to chat and get to know each other better.  I sooooo want to hear about your dogs.”

The D gets in the car and says, “I brought some work with me to catch up on.  I’ve got a presentation on Monday.  I’ll need to listen to a couple webinars while you’re driving”. 

The i thinks quietly . . . “Hmmm, I wonder if my singing will be a bother.  We’ll be performing a duet in no time.  I can’t wait to stop for lunch.  Oh, I should have checked the map before we started.  No problem.  This will be fun.” 

As an i style, I hope this humorous scenario helps provide more insight into your style AND/OR the D styles in your world and provides a broader understanding as to “what makes for a successful interaction”. 

As ALWAYS, the key to effectiveness through DiSC is understanding your and others’ styles and then using that knowledge for improved interactions.

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